domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

3 Stars of Destiny

The story is about Random(it´s the main character :D) and his friends before the events of Laxius Power. In this game they have to save the world from a god Ozur.
In essence, the story is not much too different from the standard RPG fare of "Hero-Saves-the-World, but it's the execution of the story that makes the game stand out among it's peers. 

You can play it in Easy, Normal or Hard and you have not problems for choosing modes (like choosing easy mode  and have somewhat restricted in other games). 
This game is not a *copy - paste* of RPG Maker games creator because it has a good mix of custom and standard sets for the characters and places ( meaning that they are unique ).
The battles are standard like any RPG with custom graphics for the characters and places, so, if you like the RPG battle modes i´m sure that you will like that one too. 
About the quests, the game had apart from the main quests a large amount of side quests that allow you to enjoy, explore and discover more about the history of the game.
In this game you will find things different to the others RPG games, like hidden objects that make you explore in the game to discover them, also limited avaliability of item, and other things that make this game more playable than a normal RPG.

My score for this game is: 80
If you like the RPG games and you have not played it , go and play it
You will not regret it.

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

 Breach & Clear

This game is a turn based, squad controlling Xcom style game. It takes place in the present day, with real life missions, guns, and Spec Ops Units. Each mission places you in control of a small squad (each country has a small perk, i.e. SEALS have faster reactions). Your team consists of different classes, each with special abilities.As you level up, your troops unlock new abilities and you weapons are customizable too.
The game runs silky smooth, the controls feel great, and the visuals have definitely gotten a nice upgrade. Setting up waypoints and firing angles feels even better with a mouse than touchscreen.
Visually it´s not the game with best graphics in the world but... It has cool little touches such as your troopers realistically leaning around cover to fire.

Next to what i said before I will put the pros and cons of the game :D

+Fast Paced Combat.
+Easy to learn how to play it
+Deep Costimzation. You can pick out your troops guns, hats, attachments, and more
+Varied maps.
+Decent Port.
+Amazing soundtrack
-Bad UI in menus. Seems to be better suited to the tapping of a tablet than clicking of a mouse
-No real other gripes except a few things that didnt make it from the IoS version.

My Score for this game is: 85
 If you enjoy tactical gameplay with a realistic edge  you will love this game :D!


A FPS something different than what we have seen in recent years, faster gameplay and more dynamic, a game recommended.
Just another FPS Bulletstorm is what we are used to, except that it has a somewhat different pattern to fashion FPS (CoD, Halo, BF), this game has something that hits you pretty and has many ways to kill the enemy, either melee or with your whip or the few but brutal weapons in game and of course you can also use the environment.
The gameplay of this game is common like everyone, what I mean by dynamic is that you have to do Skillshots and find a unique way to kill an enemy with either the famous bullets Headshot or put him in the butt or just pierce the throat and many others and the environment. Both the keyboard and the mouse do a role, quite comfortable playability and accurate as I need ability to how to kill the enemy. The command is also comfortable for those who like to play more with your XBOX360 control is also a good choice.
The game is very well optimized unlike other games but if you have a very good optimization in my case the game moves fluid at a rate of more than 60 FPS without any slump, the particle effect is well done and well done.
In the area of ​​graphics the game has good graphic quality, a fairly well-made textures and effects in water or blood, smoke, toxic fumes are well done, the quality of shadows are well done also the same as the explosions, but as I said the graphics are not important.
The sound, the more fascinated I really play it in English, one hears better swearing, insults etc, tastes are tastes, bullets, sounds and music enemies or environment play well, the effects of when you stick a Headshot an enemy or throat heard of disgust (in a good way, very filthy stuff themselves).
Innovation, because for me it is the first game in which you use a lot of things to kill, but he added the whip although I have seen a game where we also handle a whip but do not remember.
To conclude the game is quite entertaining and very good at playing solo or coop. The truth is a recommended game if you want something other than FPS fashion Bulletstorm is a good choice.

My score for this game is: 90 
I like it :D!
 Rayman Legends
Great game just like the top of a pine tree, but not fun to power, acceptable duration , exquisite gameplay , graphic design and great sound quality .

A great work they have done one of the few games I have hooked fun to spare either individually or with friends, great job on this great game Ubisoft and I'm glad that was not exclusive to Wii U , I take my hat off Michel Ancel for making me relive old glories with Rayman .

Playable have nothing to envy its gameplay is exquisite , either with keyboard or with a command is a fucking wonder so many things you can do with so few buttons or keys , commands respond effectively in this game that requires us to sometimes be Quick and test our reflexes jumping platforms or using the mosquito that to help us overcome X phases.

Technologically not talking about a game with super quality characteristics or current but the program is quite optimized and well kept and polished moves and feels good on my computer just does not ask much to move it , the FPS are constant ( in my case)

In a few graphics to say? is beautiful great for the human eye and got me love her beautiful graphic quality Rayman Origins if I fell in love with this cartoon type graphics even more with graphics between cartoon and 3D with funding on stage demonstrating the great work done in this aspect , simply gorgeous and beautiful as I said before some funny animations that make you laugh from time to time the terms of the enemies to be beaten the amount of things that can bring a single phase of the game is simply phenomenal .

In terms of sound I must say one of the best compositions I escuhado in years (with permission to those I also love Batman and Darksiders ) femonemales really sounds , great and not to mention the musical levels are ostia , environmental sounds like screaming or hitting enemies of our heroes also hear very well , voices need not, everything is a mouthful in this game but that's what the texts that explain things .

In terms of innovation I've loved music levels and if I had a Wii U that is best enjoyed where the game would be pretty good play on it, but as far as I'm concerned have done an excellent job on consoles and PC , a part of that online games have been added and is still the local cooperative for 4 people on a single computer or console, in what I regard is a thousand times better to play well or with a friend, if you pass the Origins very well well be playing with a friend imagine playing this with another friend / ao two more fun is guaranteed and added more than enough levels of the previous game .

To conclude, It´s a recommended game and not just for an audience "childish" as some would say give him a chance, The two rayman games are very well made and fun that is its purpose.
My score for this game is: 96
Epic Platformer :D!

The sequel of Left 4 Dead gets better the first half despite the little innovation , and the problem is that with only a year apart can not do much really . It is a title that may like or not those who have already played the first installment and may appeal to those who are not familiar with the series and play Left 4 Dead for the first time with this second part.

History of Left 4 Dead 2 is not the strong suit , as this is divided into five seasons (eight with downloadable content ) whose storyline between the two is very slight. It begins with an introduction that I quite liked , although it is somewhat "liar" with what the game actually offers . This ends with a few survivors on a terrace fail to reach a rescue helicopter , which they see how it away from them . Here's how it begins Left 4 Dead 2 ,armed with a crowbar and pistols, killing every zombie that crosses us as we pass through the halls of a hotel infested .

This game is basically go from point A to B killing any zombie that is crossed, there is not much around. Arguably is somewhat repetitive , because all you have to do is kill , no puzzles to solve or anything, something I did not like that much . Each campaign is divided into five or four levels , and is always the final where we escaped , either on our own or someone rescues us . The finishes are based on stand and survive, they are the most complicated parts of each campaign. Here not much changes the game, most of the final look similar , but the end of the campaign that was more to my liking is the second season : defend against enemies everything we can on stage , listening to pure rock , full of lights and fireworks bursting boxes ... the end of the season I liked most of the game, and yes I enjoyed it .

There are different types of zombies : normal and special , which is six zombies with a unique ability to complicate things. Throughout history we will find somewhere with a zombie boss named Tank, but unfortunately is always the same and this game does not vary much . Each campaign has its special or unique zombie , which can be tougher or stronger, but nothing more. In this installment , enemies react more realistically to bullets , but not entirely , because with an AK -47 we can from a zombie in half and smash it with only three bullets.
Something that I did not really like was the fact that the first time we play we will have the opportunity to play until the latter part of last season if we wanted . That is, we have everything unlocked , which I did not like it much, because I expected that campaigns go unlocked as you progress in the story.

Do not expect to see many cinematics , because throughout history we will see very few , which are basically the ones that open and close a campaign. They are very short and they are very poor . In Left 4 Dead 2 we can choose whether to play or just an online campaign , and no matter what we choose, always be the group of four survivors who are Coach , Rochelle , Nick and Ellis. Do not care much we use, virtually all are equal , no one has something special , the only difference is the appearance. The AI ​​of both the enemies like humans, is right and proper . But there are times when a special enemy attacks us , our colleagues will do nothing and lose a considerable amount of life to react (this only happened to me twice).

The controls are correct and are comfortable . I 'm a console gamer and I could adapt quickly and easily to the keyboard. The difficulty of this game is high, it is not easy , always talking up the normal difficulty , things get very complicated. Left 4 Dead 2 is an addictive and fun game, although the duration of the story could be a problem , complete the story we will take from 6-8 hours, but you can always turn to the multiplayer modes .
Graphically the game is good, although you may notice the change of introducing graphic and gameplay, although this difference is somewhat slight . The modeling of both survivors and enemies , is good, though arguably some zombies modeling is superior to others. The scenarios also liked , there are some fairly cornered , some not so, but overall we go through the scenarios are well done .
I liked the sound effect , sounds of the weapons are fine, as are the effects of audio from enemies and the soundtrack. Although the game is not scary nor scary when you have to go near a Witch somewhere dark listening as she cries , can give us a little thing, but nothing to worry about .
This sequel does not show many new things to say, although it is good to have three new multiplayer modes , three new types of special zombies and to debut the melee weapons , this game is very similar to the above , the same graphics engine and same style of campaigning. Despite this, the game continues to be very entertaining and fun.

  • Very entertaining
  • Very good to play with friends
  • Improvements from first game
  • Good graphics, both as characters modeled scenarios
  • Good sound paragraph
  • Very slight argument between campaign and campaign Hilo
  • Something repetitive
  • Slight innovation
Left 4 Dead 2 is not a game of innovation , that 's clear , but the fun and entertainment offered by the first delivery shown in the same way in this sequel but improved form . As I said at the beginning of the analysis, this game may not like both those who have already played the first game, but will not disappoint those who touch the series for the first time through this part .

My score for this game is : 84
Really Good game but something repetitive in sometimes :D